Galaxy Soccer Academy was created with the objective of building the dream of our Technical Director, Mahmut Adulovic. His vision to create and foster a passionate soccer training academy that would develop students into elite athletes with the ability to pursue their own individual goals both in sports & in life. With programs carefully imported from years of competitive play across the world, students can expect a unique & fulfilling experience which will be invaluable at every stage of their career. 

Galaxy Soccer Academy will educate players on various training regiments of the following skills: 

  • Attacking principles of play (width, depth/support, mobility, penetration and Improvisation) 

  • Play out from the defending third with quality passing as a primary option 

  • Combination play amongst the midfield players in the middle third of the field 

  • Individual creativity by using 1v1 moves in the attacking third of the field 

  • Defensive principles of play (delay, concentration, depth, balance, patience and restraint) 

  • Goalkeeping principles of play (anticipation, maximizing cover, turnover strategy, defensive support)